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Welcome to the website of Dr Gareth Roberts.

This Site is Not About My Exploring

But rather a collection of my entrepreneurial projects, academic research and various skills I've accumulated over the years.

I know you were excited for the explorer pics so here's a little teaser.

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What I'm Working On Outside Academia

e-commerce side hustle


My first serious eCommerce effort, Bloomspace started with the premise of selling high quality plants that seemed too large to ship around Australia. Over the last three years, we've successfully shipped 1000s of plants around the country and have over 300+ 5-star reviews.

Covid placed many restrictions on key members of the team in Sydney during the lockdown period and now the business is predominately focused on B2B customers or customised large orders.

To the left is a screen snap of Bloomspace as a highly optimised single app version of the website (Vercel's Next.js Commerce starter).

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Source localisation pty ltd

Using Big Data and Deep Learning AI to Improve the Detection of Mineral Deposits

As valuable as visiting remote locations and performing analysis on surface level geology is it is both difficult and expensive to get to these remote regions and perform surface-level and drill core analysis.

Where did everyone go?

Advances in Cloud Computing & High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Satellites can give insights into light reflectance, gravitational pull and underground geology through technologies such as Lidar and light infrared spectroscopy.

When combined with historical geological mapping and surface-level analysis, the probabilities of finding particular mineral deposits is increased.

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Learn more about Source Localisation Pty Ltd

My Academic Work

Here is a collection of my research conducted at the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, and the University of Sydney.

The image on the right reflects brain connectivity changes in the resting state EEG of healthy participants administered a high-dose of dexamphetamine compared to placebo, and when their eyes were open and closed.

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In this paper we investigated the fundamental processes that underly how humans convert verbal instructions into a mental representation capable of guiding behaviour at a novel task. Using time-frequency analysis of EEG data collected, we show that power changes in the theta (4-8 Hz) and beta (13-30) bands are strongly affected by complexity of the verbal instructions.

In this paper, we investigated the effects of high-dose dexamphetamine in healthy individuals as a test of the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia. This paper made several important methodological advances in psychopharmacological research including the comparison of a large number of connectivity and graph theory metrics applied to EEG data at both the sensor and source level.

In this paper, we introduce a novel method for the grouping of independent components from different participants' EEG activity. In this context, we were investigating the development of response conflict processes that occurs between 7 and 9 years of age and is linked to developmental processes of the prefrontal cortex.

projects & work experience

A Collection of my Resumes for Data Science, Web Development & Academia

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